Leaf Man Project 2008

Miss Sheila Forde's Kindergarten
St. Margaret Mary School
Chicago, Illinois


My Leaf Person likes to play football because he goes to St. Margaret Mary Leaf School.  On Thanksgiving, he would really like to play in the leaves so he could find his friends. ~ Mikey

These leaves come from the Windy City...Chicago, of course! We began our fall unit by collecting leaves to fill up a Jack-O-Lantern bag for Halloween.  Students became so excited to collect leaves from home to share.

Some of our favorite stories to introduce the fall season included...
Fall Is For Friends by Suzy Spafford
When The Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger
Clifford's First Autumn by Norman Bridwell
The Falling Leaves and the Scarecrow by Steve Metzger
We read Leaf Man and then brainstormed a list of ideas in our community that would be fun for our Leaf Man to visit.  Our stories revolve around the Leaf Man's adventures and all the places he 'blew' to. We used the same Leaf Man to keep the story uniform, but then created our own Leaf Creatures with Chicago leaves.

* You can see these Leaf Man Writings by going to our
Flickr page.  Click on slideshow to see all the pictures and read where our Leaf Creatures went!

We used fall leaves and pinecones to make an Autumn Wreath
Students made tissue paper fall trees
The children painted the vein side of leaves and made leaf prints on their Leaf Man stories
It was fun doing a 'leaf drop'. We held a leaf up high and then counted how long it took to reach the ground
A class graph answered the question, 'What is your favorite color fall leaf?'
We used unifix cubes to measure the length of a leaf
The children predicted if the leaves would sink or float. We discovered that although they float, placing pennies on them make them sink!
We discussed why leaves change colors and had a blast 'blowing' leaves with straws off the table.
We will continue discussing the fall season, but the weather report here in Chicago calls for snow!!


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