Colorful Spring!
 A Collaborative Internet Literacy Project   Spring 2007

Mrs. Gayle Greenwald's Third Grades
Chippewa School
Palos Heights, Illinois


The Chippewa School third grade classes have been  having a wonderful time learning about spring. Our classroom teachers, Miss Brandt, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Patnaude, and Mrs. Tracy, and our enrichment teacher, Mrs. Greenwald, read some books about spring and other books about poetry to us. Our favorite book was a poetry book about spring. It is called Spring, An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur and illustrated by Leslie Evans.

Over spring break, we all had to take a nature walk and make a list of all the signs of spring we saw, including all the color words they made us think about. We used our lists to write our class poems. We wrote five senses poems, acrostics, haiku, and cinquains.  Each class then voted on which of their poems were the favorites. We hope you enjoy our views of spring.


1Spring Five Senses Poem
By Miss Brandt’s Third Grade

In spring, we see white, fluffy clouds dancing
across the beautiful, blue sky.
In spring, we
hear the orange basketball swooshing
through the net.
In spring, we
feel the itchy emerald green grass
on our bare feet.
In spring, we
taste red, juicy strawberries.
In spring, we
smell the fresh, diamond clear air.

2Spring Acrostic Poem
By Mrs. Tracy’s Third Grade

Tons of beautiful colors
Try to fly
Fluttering wings
Larva is a caterpillar
Incredible patterns
Splendid spring creatures

3Spring Acrostic Poem
By Mrs. Kenney’s Third Grade

Utterly a kaleidoscope
Takes time to grow
Tiny in the beginning
Eggs are the start
Radiant colors
Flutter flying, fairly hard to see
Larva to caterpillar to chrysalis
Spring is in bloom!

4Spring Acrostic Poem
By Mrs. Patnaude’s Third Grade

Butterfly eggs hatching
April explorers
Being born
Youthful creatures just beginning

About to walk or fly or swim
Nature comes alive
Incredibly special
Mothers taking care of their young
Approaching a new phase
Learning how to survive


Floral and Rainbow Backgrounds 

2007 - Marci McGowan - Colorful Spring!